E d u c a t i o n

Lesley College, Intercultural Relations, Cambridge, Ma., U.S.A.

1990-1992 - Masters of Arts in Intercultural Relations.

The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

1970-1975 - Studies towards M.A. Degree in the field of Jewish Art.

                     All credit courses have been completed except thesis.

1973          - B.A. degree in History of Art and Philosophy.

                     Teaching license.

High School

“Rambam” High School, Hadera, Israel

1963-1968 -    Humanistic-Arabic department

                        High School Diploma.

E x p e r i e n c e                               

1913 The association for civil rights in Israel 

Developing an educational high school unite to prevent racism while analyzing the documentary film "Precious Life" by Slomi Eldar.

1998 -2012 Gordon College, Haifa

Courses in the College:

-  Education towards Tolerance in a multicultural society.

-  Footsteps in the Grass – Education towards Tolerance.

Training teachers in the elementary school system in the north of the country:

Haifa: Areali, Sakva, Tshernechovski, Rambam, Haliya; Zichron-Yakov:

Hachorsh; Beith-Shann: Atomer; Or Akiva: Rotschild, Nechemia Tamari;

Abu-Snan: Elementary A; Tanach Villages: Yad Lchamisha; Kiryat-

Shmone: Tel-Chai; Itchak Anasi, Amaginim;  Kfar Yehusa: Kfar Yehusa

School; Atlith: Galy Atlith; Kiryath Yam:Almogim; Moledeth: Motzkin; 

Hadera: Echad- Ham; Givath Olga: Or lataf; Binyamina: Eskoloth; Tirath 

Akarmel: Ygal Alon' Dgania; Tel-Aviv: Gordon.


Research and Curator of  the exhibitions:

Toys of Old Times in Arab Villages in the North of the country 

Holidays of Light in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Druze.


1993 - 98 -   MARAG Inc.- Education Towards Tolerance

             Developing elementary school programs towards tolerance:

             -  Israeli, L. (1999)Footsteps in the grass, Reichgold publishing, Tel-Aviv.

                A school program confirmed by the Ministry of Education, Jerusalem, 

               for 3rd and 4th grades, elementary school.

1996 - 1999  Mofhet Institute, Research and Development of  programs for teachers, 

                        Ministry of Education, teachers’ training, Tel-Aviv, Developing the program:

           -  Israeli, L. (2001). A multicultural Odyssey  - Training towards 

                           tolerance in a multicultural society. Mofhet Institute, The Ministry 

                           of Education, Tel-Aviv.

                           A program for high school & College's students.

1998- 1999   The Institute of Social Integrity, University of Bar-Ilan, Ramath-Gan

                 A member in a team developing the school program: Can I and 

                 you change the world? - The right to be respected and the obligation 

                 to respect others. 

                 A school program for 3rd- 8th grade students.

1998-1999, The Center of Ishak Rabin Heritage

                 Developing Junior High School programs and training the school staff: 

                 Towards Tolerance.

1994 - 1999, Lewinsky College, Tel-Aviv

                 K.S.V - a joint project of the Education Ministry, Department of New 

                 Immigrants and Lewinsky College: Training teachers in the elementary 

                 school system - towards tolerance.

Mathch - A Center for Educational Technology, Ramath-Aviv

1998-     Developing a training unit and training teachers who learned the school 

               program: In Five Voices (Different Arabic children in Israel).

               Research and development: Mizmor (Jewish-Ethiopian music and culture).

JDC - The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Israel

1994-1995 - Training groups of principals and supervisors in education towards tolerance.

1997-1998 - Educational project in Sderot, Rabin school (most of the population is of new-immigrants).


1991 - 1992 - The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office for Refugees and Immigrants

               Research work in the community office of Mrs. Debbie Tom: The 

               difficulties that Soviet Jewish and Evangelical refugees face in 


1985        Museum of Beth - Atefutsot (The House of Diaspora), Tel-Aviv

                  Field Research: Jews of the Caucuses.

1975 - 1979, Ethnological Museum and Folklore Archives, Haifa, Israel

                 Curator. Field research: The Mountain Jews of the Caucuses.


1975-1978,  Oranim, the School of Education of the Kibbutz Movement, Kiryat-Tivon, Israel

                 Teaching: Jewish Art, Medieval and Renaissance Art.

1974       Denmark, Elementary School and Junior 

                 Elementary and Junior high School, Jerusalem, Israel

                Teaching History of Art (theory and practice).


1974        L.M.Mayer, Memorial Institute of Islamic   Art, Jerusalem, Israel

                Research assistant, preparations for opening of the Museum.

1972-1974  Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

                Research assistant. Preparations for the Exhibition "Jewish  Life in 



List of Publication:

Kindergarten and elementary school:

Israeli,  L. (2006). Beginnings – Education towards Peace Values, Peres Center for 

             Peace, Tel-Aviv.

Israeli, L.  (1999).  Israel a Multicultural Society - the Treasure Box. (Hebrew 

             &Arabic) Ach & Gordon College, Haifa. (Kindergarten to 3rd grade).

Israeli, L.  (1999). Footsteps in the Grass, Education Towards Tolerance(Hebrew 

             & Arabic) Reichgold Publishing, Tel-Aviv. (3rd to 4th grade).

5th and 6th grade in Elementary school + Junior & High School

Israeli,  L.  (2006). View Points – Education towards Peace Values(Hebrew & 

              Arabic) Peres Center for   Peace, Tel-Aviv.

Israeli, L.  (2001).  A Multicultural Odyssey. (Hebrew) Mofet Institute, The Ministry 

              of Education, Tel-Aviv. (High school, College's students and 

              teachers in the school system).

Israeli,  L.  (2002). The Same Old Thing in a Different Form - Proverbs and their 

              parallels in the Israeli multi- Cultural landscape. (Hebrew) Ach & 

             Gordon College, Haifa. (5th to 8th grade).

E s s a y s:

Israeli, L. (2011). "The Other – a Resource or a Threat? Polar interpretations of 

             two children's stories: The Ugly Duckling, H”C Anderson & Raspberry 

             Juice by, H. Shenav, Journal of Peace Education, Vol.8, No. 1, April, p. 1-17 



Israeli, L' (2007). "The Other" – a Resource or a Threat? Opposed Social Pictures  

            in Two Children’s Stories: The Ugly Duckling, H”C Anderson &Juice 

             by, H. Shenav." Ministry of Education, The unite to development of school  

             programs (Hebrew).

Israeli,  L.  (2003).  "The Other - a resource or a threat? A social model on two 

            children stories: The Ugly Duckling/ H"C Anderson & Raspberry Juice 

             by H' Shenav", Panim, Quartrly for Society, Culture and Education, Tel-Aviv. 


Israeli,  L.  (2003).  "The Development of a School Program  - Personal Narrative", 

             the book of the The Fourth International Conference on Teacher 

            Education, Teacher Education as a Social Mission - A key to the Future, 

            Mofeth Institute and Achva College of Education, June  2002 (Hebrew, 

            English Abstract)


Presentaions in Scientific meetings:

Conference: Imagine - Expression in the Service of Humanity, Lesley University, Tel Aviv, 6 April, 2006, "Footsteps in the Grass- Education Towards Tolerance in a Multicultural Society"

Al-Qasemi Academy – Academic College of Education, 26 Jan.2006, Baka al Garbia "The Other – a Resource or a Threat?" in "Tolerance Day – Act and Promote Intercultural Communication".

Symposium: Towards Tolerance, December 19, 2006 The Teachers Organization to Fight Racism and Antisemitism, Tel-Aviv.  

Symposium: What is Children's Literature, March 1-2, 2002, Bates College, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Lewiston, Maine. "The Other - a Resource or a Threat? A Social Model on Two Children Stories: The Ugly Duckling/ H"C Anderson & Raspberry Juice by H' Shenav". International

Symposium: Understanding and Accommodating Cultural Diversity in Early Childhood Education in Israel, February 19, 2001, CJP - Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston - Israel  OfficeHaifa University.

Symposium: Towards Tolerance, March 10, 2001, The Teachers Organization to Fight Racism and Antisemitism, Tel-Aviv.

Conference: Children 2000: Providing a Respecting Educational Environment in a Changing Society, July 27-28, 1999, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Jerusalem.

The Fourth International Conference on Teacher Education, Teacher Education as a Social Mission - A key to the Future, Mofeth Institute and Achva College of Education, June 2002.

-   "The Development of a School Program (Footsteps in the Grass) - Personal  


-   "Barbie Doll & Quiet Water (Peruvian Indian Doll) speak out".


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