In A
Heterogenic & Multicultural Society

The site Tolerance Education presents the visitor with a glimpse to the educational curricula and essays I have written in the field of Multicultural Education. The curricula aim at reducing xenophobia and at encouraging a positive attitude towards "The Other"', by means of developing emotional intelligence and critical thinking (see "School Programs" pages).

My B.A degree is in History of Art and Philosophy at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. While working in Israel Museum, Jerusalem, and in The Ethnological Museum and Folklore Archives, Haifa I partook in two ethnographic field researches and exhibitions: "Jewish Life in Morocco" and the "The Mountain Jews of the Caucasus".

The close familiarity with the difficulties that new immigrants face when relocating motivated me to study Intercultural Relations at Boston University and Lesley College in the U.S.A (M.A degree), and focus on curriculum development.

The educational programs, presented in this site, were developed in the field for several years, in the nineties, while I was working in a unique project lead by the Ministry of Education, that supported elementary schools that absorbed new immigrant students from Ethiopia and The Commonwealth Of Independent States. The close attendance in the field (the school system) enabled me to watch closely the absorption process and to receive immediate feedback from educators and students while providing them with learning materials.

The curricula refers to "The Other" in general, in many cases in allegorical way, and avoid focusing on a specific group. The basic assumption is that each student, native or new immigrant, is "The Other", and that we all need to learn how to benefit from diversity and from social changes that take place in our surroundings. Most of the educational programs are translated into Arabic and are highly recommended by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

I have been teaching at the Academic College, Gordon in Haifa, Israel, between 1998 - 2012 as well as training teachers in over 30 Hebrew speaking and Arabic speaking elementary schools. The work in the field was enabled thanks to the kind support of the U.J.A, New-York.

The visitors to the site are introduced to two exhibitions that took place in the Academic College of Education, Gordon in Haifa, guided by a questionnaire, in purpose to broaden the students' perspective on the multicultural population in the college and in the country:

  • Toys of Long Time Ago in Arabic Villages in the Galilee, Israel.
  • Holidays' Lights in Different Religions in Israel.

In the "Personal Information" page there is my resume and in the Gallery section there is a collection of oil-pictures that I have painted in recent years.

Enjoy your visit and your suggestions how to improve things are most welcomed and valued.

Thank you, Liora

About me

Footsteps in the Grass - Education towards Tolerance in a Hetrognic and Multicultural Society

A school program for 3rd and 4th students in elementary school. You are kindly invited to watch the below pictures and to read the explanations: יחידת לימוד לתלמידי כיתות ג'-ד' בבית ספר יסודי. להסברים בעברית גוללו בקשה למטה

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The Ugly Duckling - Where To?

The Ugly Duckling – Where to? is based on H.C. Andersen's most popular tale: "The Ugly Duckling", which was written in 1843. The interactive book aims at developing critical thinking among its readers (children & adults) and at combatting racism by revealing the discriminatory basic concept that stands behind Andersen's most touching story.

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School programs from Kindergarten to College' students

In this section one can read about the different school programs I have developed from kindergarten to college's students. These days the digital riddle book: The Ugly Duckling - Where to? is available as a kindle book in Amazon site. In a short while it will be available as a printed book on request. ( להסברים בעברית על יחידות הלימוד השונות גוללו בקשה למטה

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Exhibition in the Academic College of Education, Gordon in Haifa, Israel: Toys of Long Time Ago in Arabic Villages in the Galilee, Israel

Reconstruction of mid 20th century Children Toys that were common in Arabic Villages in North Israel is an outcome of a research work that Gordon College's students conducted in their families. The toys were restored mainly by their grandparents and actually revived an old, almost forgotten folk art. An Hebrew guide and a questionnaire that accompanied the exhibition includes most touching and valuable quotations from the interviews held by the students. The process aroused memories of early childhood and made the interviewees reflect on family issues and the on the way they acquired cultural norms ... You are kindly invited to scroll down. לטקסט בעברית גוללו בקשה למטה.

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Exhbition in the Academic College of Education, Gordon in Haifa, Israel: Holidays' Lights in Different Religions in Israel

Light Is a common motive in many religions. The exhibition presents the visitors with this theme in the Jewish religion, Islam, Druse religion & Christianity under the call to replace ignorance (darkness) with the light that constructive mutual relations promise.

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Some oil paintings I have done between 2012 - 2016 appear in the gallery section.